From Greece to Germany as a Syrian refugee?

From Greece to Germany: This is a desperate request. A young student wants to help a Syrian refugee he met on Facebook who currently is in Greece. What are their options?


Dear reader,

unfortunately, we cannot help you and especially the Syrian refugee in Athens. There is no legal way for Syrian refugees in Greece to enter Germany (apart from the one mentioned below). He has no family here, no German education or working contract, etc. Therefore he has no right to stay in Germany based on national or international law.

If he sees a possibility – by whatever means – to come to Germany, he can apply for asylum here. This is likely to be granted. If he is already registered in Greece (with his fingerprints) or has filed an asylum application, he does not have to expect to be deported back to Greece (in case of a possible negative asylum decision in Germany).

Sorry that we can’t help more there. Just try to stay in touch with him on a regular basis and try to build him up emotionally. At least he is safer in Greece than in Syria….

This article was first published in German .

Aus Griechenland nach Deutschland als syrischer Geflüchteter?

Slight possibility

P.S.: There might be a possibility for him to come to Germany in case he has got the status of a recognized refugee in Greece meanwhile and holds a passport for refugees. Then he is allowed to travel within the Schengen countries and stay for 90 days in Germany.
He could apply for asylum in Germany. Following a court judgement of Oberverwaltungsgericht Düsseldorf from 26.1.2021 he cannot be sent back to Greece and his asylum case in Germany is permitted. Usually according to the Dublin Agreement the asylum case has to be decided in the country of first entry in the EU. The court ruled that it is a violation of human rights to send refugees back to Greece as the situation there is intolerable for refugees (no accommodation, work, medical treatment).
Antwort Liebe Ratsuchende, dass Dein Freund über seine Identität getäuscht hat, kann in der Tat ein Grund zur Abschiebung…
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