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Das Kampfflugzeug kam - und dann, ich starb
Time vanquishes everything. It vanquishes the stone, the huge mountains and even the people, but it can never defeat memories. That is our curse as humans, never to be able to forget our worst memories. We are forced to accept these memories and embrace them as part of us.
"Every woman has the right to live freely and to wear the clothes she feels comfortable with," says our author, the 24-years old Shilan Ahmad from Syria. There are Muslims who wear Hijab and Muslims who prefer to wear their hair down. Shila Ahmad herself wears her Hijab with complete conviction and freedom.
In my dreamed future I do not feel guilty of who I’m growing into. I am friends with all that I was once afraid of. In this world of cleaner air and water, bureaucratic procedures are transparent. I too do not romanticize secrecy because I no longer live in hiding. Kohero-magazin leads an interview with 24 years old female author Maniza Khalid from Delhi, India.
Adivasi men migrate circularly to the more industrial state of Gujarat or abroad to work in difficult conditions and for very little money. They leave their wives behind, in remote villages, with little joy, but lots of work to do every day.

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