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In the category „auf English“ you will find articles in English. We are working on publishing more articles in English for our readers and on founding a separate English-speaking editorial team.

Germany 2021: election year. As the candidates gear up and the media coverage focuses on their election programs, our author Valeria has taken it upon herself to define "identity politics". In the process she attempts to answer some basic questions about this concept.
Decke der Synagoge in Grodno
“We Jewish people are always reduced to the role of the victim. We have to be “protected”. But I don’t want to be protected by people that only see me as a victim”, says Rebecca Rogowski.
Durch Handy gucken wir das Welt.
Censorship does not only affect the things that are said or thought. Censorship also targets music, the one we are supposed to listen to – or the one we are precisely not supposed to listen to.

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