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The universal language of chocolate  

In 2012 the Hadhad Family fled from Syria to Canada. After a while, almost overnight, they rebuilt their family business, a chocolate factory. Meanwhile Tareq
Hadhad leads a big chocolate business. In this interview he tells us his story and about his passion of chocolate.

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Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash

German Media for Ukrainians

Between March 24 and 28 alone, the Federal Ministry of the Interior registered nearly 300,000 entries of Ukrainians. We want to make it easier for refugees to arrive in Germany and have therefore compiled a list of various offers aimed at people in Germany who fled from Ukraine.

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Peace by Chocolate

How war united us

I guess you read the news about Ukraine and the war in Europe. Do you have thoughts on that? I honestly feel heartbroken. It was

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Heirat, Beziehung, Ehe.

Deportation and Marriage

Answer: “Dear Reader, The fact that your boyfriend has deceived about his identity can indeed be a reason for deportation, which will probably also be

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